Are you so good at cleaning your house that you think that you could go into the professional cleaning services market? Do not laugh it out. It is not a stupid idea as you may think. There has been a growing trend towards this business venture since many people prefer outsourcing to have these jobs done than to do them since they have busy schedules. So, how and where do you begin? We will see that below.

Choose Your Target Customer 

In professional cleaning services from companies such as, there are two main types of customers; residential and commercial. It is good to know which customers you will be targeting to know which equipment you will need since there is a difference between the two. Also, it will help you in identifying the nature of the business that you will be performing. Commercial clients will include offices, schools, hotels and even airports. These will require mainly nightly cleaning since they are busy institutions or early mornings. Some of the tasks that will be involved will be cleaning their bathrooms, washing floors, doors, and windows. The best part about this clientele is that the job pays well and is steady. Residential clients mainly will require services that include general cleaning. Having residential clients will mean that you will need to have a number of them since most of them will require these services weekly. It often does not pay as well as the other, but by having many of these clients, you could get some good money. For example, if you are targeting Window cleaning & carpet cleaning Dublin.

Research The Competition 

You need to know about the market and what other people are doing. You will need to do intensive research to be successful and find out all that you need to know. You should know what the going rate is for the cleaning services in the area. You do not want to charge your clients higher than what they are used to or way less since you will not be making a good profit. You will first need to charge a bit lower than your competition to attract new customers but be careful not to go too low. You could search online for cleaning services businesses and call them. You could also ask them questions on their rate, what services they offer and the time they spend doing it and even what mode of transportation they use to go to their clients. You could also visit some offices and find out what companies they use and if they are happy with the work that they do.

Set Boundaries 

You will need to sit down and evaluate how far you are willing to travel for this work. You also need to know when you are available especially if you are doing it as a part-time job. This is important since you will need to know what clients you are accepting. If you are not available on a particular day, turn down the job or negotiate for another day. Do not be too enthusiastic and take those that are miles away from your residence since they could take up so much of your time and gas to get to them. If you are going to a place that is far, ensure that you have at least two or more clients in that area. It is good to establish these boundaries early so that you can avoid any losses that may come later.

Have A Marketing Strategy 

One of the ways of doing this is by starting a website on the cleaning services that you offer. A marketing strategy is very important for starting your business. You could list all the services that you provide and the areas that you can work in. You could also include your contact information and in case of any offers and discounts that you may have, add them there for the clients to see. You could market your website on your social media accounts to enlarge your market. You could also make some business cards and hand them out to your friends and neighbours to supply. On the cards, ensure that you have the correct contact information and your website information so that people can look you up. Advertising is expensive, but it is worth every penny. You could do this through direct mails and also yellow page ads. The latter is useful especially for those people that do not use the internet. You could also offer coupons and some loyalty accounts. These coupons sweeten your deals especially when you give them a percentage off the regular rate such as having 20% off on your first six hours of work. Loyalty accounts are a gift to existing customers such as giving them free cleaning of windows once they have called you a particular number of times. Also if you are having your website built by a top web design company, then we suggest you put this in as part of your marketing budget.

License And Insurance 

You should research how licensing is done in your area. In this era that we live in, people prefer hiring licensed individuals as opposed to unlicensed ones. You could pick up the forms at the local authorities and fill them in order to be registered. You will also require insurance to protect you in case of any injuries or damages that may occur while working. It will reassure clients that you are fit for the job and that they are in good hands once you tell them that you are licensed and have insurance.

Purchase Equipment 

You will have to invest in some proper cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners and brooms. You will note that some clients will have their tools and products especially if they are allergic to some stuff that you may want to use. You could also decide to invest in products that are organic since this can be a good selling point to some clients especially those with kids and even pets. In case some of these products are expensive, you could start by renting them. With time, once the business is doing well, you could purchase them yourself.

Having your own business is one of the many goals people have, and professional cleaning services may be just how you start. Do not let your ideas fizzle, act on them early. By considering the above points, you can begin to work on how to make it a successful enterprise that will be the envy of your friends.